School Interventions

School interventions can be geared at either sorting out an existing problem or at enriching learners with additional skills.

It is important to distinguish between the problem that is seen and the core issue, as these often differ. Developing skills that address the core issue should result in resolving the presenting problem. For example, in dealing with the issue of bullying, the focus would be on self-esteem and communication. We do this in an experiential way so that learning is internalised rather than the content remaining just theory.

The matter to be addressed, timeframe and budget determines who will participate, the size of the group, and the length of the intervention. Some costs can be claimed back from the participants’ medical aids.


Interventions include:

  Whole day workshops for a school grade (1 – 3 days)
  A series of sessions during life orientation lessons
  A small group (10 – 12 young people) meeting weekly over the course of 8 weeks
  Interactive talks for parents and teachers on topics relevant to young people


These are some of the topics that SHIFT groups could address in your school:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying and conflict
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Drugs
  • Family conflict and dysfunction
  • Identity and self-esteem
  • Internet and cell phone misuse
  • Leadership
  • Peer relationships
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-harm
  • Sexuality
  • Under-achievement
  • Unhealthy eating patterns


SHIFT groups would do this by offering skills in:

  • Assertiveness
  • Boundary setting
  • Breaking denial
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Decision making
  • Effective communication
  • Goal setting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Overcoming resentment
  • Processing loss
  • Self esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Time management


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