About us

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Mission Statement

To support, equip and empower young people in living meaningful lives

How do we achieve this?

We facilitate group interventions for young people. SHIFT groups are aimed at facilitating skill development and promoting personal growth within a group context.

What is a SHIFT group?

SHIFT groups are run by at least two registered facilitators. The process begins with a consultation with the client where we will discuss their needs, and plan an appropriate strategy. Groups can include young people, parents or teachers; can be large (whole grade) or small (10 -12 participants); and can range from one day to a few weeks.

What happens in the groups?

The groups incorporate skills development and therapeutic intervention. Fun and humour is balanced with challenge and work.


We have found that skills are better learnt through experience. SHIFT groups therefore embrace creative mediums and are activity-based.


SHIFT groups provide a safe space where participants can explore alternatives and be supported in facing what needs to be faced. This can happen through discussion, using creative tools and facilitating peer feedback.




Penni Cox is a registered Counselling Psychologist and Roxy Garvey is a registered Occupational Therapist. They both have experience in adolescent interventions and programmes. This includes inpatient work, retreats, camps, evening programmes, family work, and individual therapy.

Penni Cox says:

“A group needs to feel safe so that the participants feel supported as they take on the challenge to develop themselves. I like creating a space where young people can engage in honest conversation that brings change.”

Roxy Garvey says:

“Developing an experiential programme according to the emerging needs of the group is key. My goal is to meet the participants where they are at so that they can have an authentic experience.”



Dr. Neil McGibbon

Dr. Neil McGibbon is a clinical psychologist in private practice, specialising in psychological treatment for adolescents and young adults. He is joining Shift groups to co-facilitate Boys Group.